About Fresh Five Bendigo

Oh yes we did.

You know how you hear those stories about people loving something so much that they bought the company? That’s us, Lisa & Dave.

We are Sheep & Cropping farmers and a family of five; our property is north of Bendigo. Dave’s a plumber by trade, a farmer by choice, and I was doing corporate life. To say our lives were hectic was an understatement; three children, three jobs - life became a series of routines and habits.

It was not long after my last child left home [and my jeans size crept up a bit] that I realised I was still cooking for five; enter precooked, portion controlled meals to our life.

I had tried pretty much every major brand but found that they lacked that certain spark, that home-cooked, flavour filled meal that tastes good and is nourishing, and then we found Fresh 5. 

It was love. 

We got control back of our time, our waistlines and our energy.

Fun fact? I have a perfectly functioning kitchen at home and we still eat our Fresh 5 meals. Why wouldn’t I? Chef prepared, fresh, free from added preservatives, the right sized portions…. I should let you know though, my kitchen does get a work out on Christmas Day. 

We’re so proud of what we’re building. From small beginnings we’re now cooking over 3000 meals each and every week, providing our friends from Bendigo and beyond with fresh, nutritious and easy real food options that leave them feeling healthy, satisfied and nourished.

We hope you love your Fresh Five as much as we do,

Lisa and Dave.