The Power of Yoga

The Power of Yoga

Why is yoga becoming one of the most popular forms of workout in recent days?

Yoga is a form of workout for many people today but if you head into the streets of India, many would define it as a lifestyle. Yoga is a full body workout which engages not only your physical strength but also your mental and spiritual strength. Many yoga gurus will tell you that yoga helped them attain clarity in life. It is more than just a physical exercise. It helps balance the body and mind.

Here are few reasons that might be able to answer your question about what all the fuss about yoga is.

Strengthening the Body

In today’s world, yoga is predominantly perceived as a form of workout and exercise. That is true. Yoga engages the full human body to stretch and strengthen. It helps build the flexibility of the human muscles while strengthening at the same time. That means that the human body becomes agile and quick. Yoga also helps in strengthening and correcting any bones that might be problematic or need extra strength. Yoga has proven to be quite effective in strengthening bone and muscle.

Boosts Immunity

Other than strengthening the bone and muscles, yoga also helps in releasing the hormones in the body that regulate the function of the immune system. It helps in emptying of the lymph nodes which helps in the propagation of the white blood cells in the body. According to experts, the immunity system of the body is boosted by yoga as the overall health gets better.

Spiritual Peace

While many people might not be able to grasp it but yoga gurus swear by it that yoga helps attain a state of spiritual serenity. Operating on the principles of ‘chi’, often called as the center. Much of the yoga exercises are meant to attain a healthy chi which means that the person doing yoga concentrates on attaining a spiritual center as well as physical balance of the body. People who are suffering from mental health issues are often recommended yoga as it helps in reducing the mental stress and anxiety which leads to mental disorders at later stages.

Reduce Weight

There always the added advantage of weight loss when doing any exercise. Yoga helps you reduce weight in a healthy way. Almost all yoga exercises focus on complete body engagement. That means that everybody past from head to toe is engaged and they all get a proper workout instead of just arms, calves or tummy. Yoga helps in strengthening the bones and muscles and kick start the metabolism which in turn helps burn the fat away.

Boosts Energy

We’re not being sarcastic but yoga actually boosts the energy in your body. Yoga helps release the hormones which help in providing energy to the body and also battle fatigue. That way, after yoga, a person feels invigorated and fresh. Many studies have reported that many people who do yoga sleep better and also have a boost in their sexual activity.

If you’re still wondering why yoga? Then you need to try it out for yourself.

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